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The importance of History in Islam cannot be understated, for it is the link to our past, the past that was filled with victory, honour and glory. It is the umblical cord that will keep our spirit healthy and alive. The defeatist, surrenderous mentality that is present in the minds of the majority of Muslims today, is due to their ignorance of what we once were. If only they knew about the justice that Islam had spread throughout the globe, if only they knew about the great victories and the rapid conquering of nations, if only they knew about the mujahideen and muslim commanders, men of great piety, sacrifice and bravery, men who weren't cheap with their souls and willingly gave up their lives for the sake of Allah. If only they knew about the heirs of the Prophets, those who defended and preserved this religion from alien ideas, those who combatted the deviant groups and sects with firm knowledge, those who saved the muslim masses from eternal doom.

If only they knew... then maybe the muslims wouldn't be the most humiliated of people today, from Kashmir, to Syria, to Burma, to Egypt. It seems that in every corner of the globe muslims are massacred, the honour of our sisters is violated and the blood of a muslim is considered cheap. And those of us seeking refuge in the lands of the enemies of Islam, are facing an even bigger threat, something far more dangerous than bombs and gunfire, something that effects our belief in Allah. With government funded institutions and think-tanks, working day in and day out to produce an American or British Islam, our faith and identity is at risk, so how much time is left before we melt into the melting pot and no instance of Islam is left in us?

That's why it is important to study the past so that we may analyse the present, for it is the Sunnah of Allah that in every era there is a Musa (عليه السلام) and a Firawn (لعنة الله عليه) and the Sunnah of Allah never changes.