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Welcome to adviceforparadise.com, we hope to spread the true authentic Islam that was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) over 1400 years ago with the understanding of the righteous predecessors.

On this website you will insha'Allah find beneficial lectures, books, articles, videos in many different categories. We will attempt to spread the works of lesser known Scholars who have amassed great amounts of knowledge, however due to certain stances they take, they live a life full of hardship, suffering and abandonment. The least we could do, other than Dua', is spread their works so that Allah may forgive us.

Copyright Issue By Shaykh Sulayman Ibn Nasir al-Alwan
Shaykh Sulayman was asked about this issue once, and his reply included the following:
1 - This is a contemporary issue in which the Scholars have differed.
2 - Some have unrestrictedly rejected the idea, some have unrestrictedly accepted the idea, and some have explained it according to details.
3 - His conclusion was that things that aren't your work cannot be copyrighted, such as works from the Scholars of the past, like if someone takes it and claims rights to the work itself because the person happened to publish it.
4 - If the person does the work himself, he has the right to copyright it in terms of buying and selling, in that it is not allowed for anyone to copy it and make money off of it except with his permission.
5 - If someone wants to copy it in order to learn or teach, spread Da'wah, etc. he has the right to do so even if it is copyrighted, but cannot make money off of it. Also, if he can pay, he should, as it took time and money for the thing to be written and published to begin with.
Wa Allaahu A'lam.

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