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The Criteria of Takfeer - According to Government Scholars

The Criteria of Takfeer - According to Government Scholars

Know, my Muslim brother, that from the most important criteria of Takfeer, which most of the people of knowledge have unfortunately neglected, is that the person who commits any of the nullifiers of Islam should not be from the rulers (those in authority), because making takfeer of the rulers, no matter what nullifier of Islam ...

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If They Had Obeyed Us They Wouldn’t Have Been Killed


Our virtuous Shaykh, what is the best way to answer the one who warns from the consequences of rushing towards Jihad in Iraq and advices [Muslims] to wait with that? Then we see the one who follows this way of thought and opinion being happy when Baghdad falls [in the hands of the occupiers ...

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A Reply Against the Lies of Khalid Al-Anbari

A Reply Against the Lies of Khalid Al-Anbari

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and the reward is for the Mutaqeen, and there is no enmity except against the Dhalimeen, and I bear witness that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah, alone and he has no partner, the God of the first and the last and I bear ...

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