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In all ages, you will find a common characteristic shared amongst humanity, whether the person is a muslim or a kaffir, a male or a female, black or white, no matter the difference, they all share the desire or more appropiately the need to look upto someone or 'something'. Nowadays the evil are presented as the good, those who fornicate are the 'heroes', those who squander wealth are 'fun' and those who disobey their parents are 'cool'.

In times like these, it is of utmost importance for Muslims to find appropiate role models for themselves, role models who upheld the values of Islam,  who had honour and dignity and who brought victory to this religion. By studying the lives of the Prophets, Sahaba, Scholars and Muslim Commanders of the past, one will be inspired to tread in their path, the path towards Jannah insha'Allah.

In this section we will try to revive the names of those who were forgotten.