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Shaykh ‘Ali ibn Khudayr ibn Fahad al-Khudayr was born in Riyadh during the year 1374 AH. He graduated at the Usul al-Deen Faculty at the University of the Imam in the year 1403 AH.

His Teachers in his Quest for Knowledge

He started his quest for knowledge when he was still in high school. He started studying the Qur'an and reciting it. He did this with the noble Shaykh ‘Abdul Ra’uf al-Hannawi, may Allah have mercy upon him and allow him to dwell in His spacious Paradise.

One of the first of whom he took knowledge before he started his study at the Usul al-Deen Faculty, was the noble Shaykh ‘Ali ibn ‘Abdullah al-Jardan and the noble Shaykh and judge Muhammad al-Muheezi' (and he was one of the leading judges from the time of Shaykh Muhammad ibn Ibrahim), may Allah have mercy upon them (both) and allow them to dwell in His spacious Paradise.

He also studied with:

  • His Eminency, Al-‘Allamah Shaykh Hamud ibn ‘Uqla' ash-Shu'aybi (رحمه الله). He studied Tawheed, ‘Aqeedah and other Islamic Sciences with him until the Shaykh passed away. 
  • He also took knowledge from Shaykh Muhammad ibn Salih al-Mansur (رحمه الله). He stayed with him for four years, from 1409 until 1413 while he studied Tawheed, Fiqh, al-Fara'idh, Hadith and Nahw.
  • He also studied with Shaykh Muhammad ibn Salih al-‘Uthaymeen (رحمه الله). He primarily studied Fiqh with him for a period of four years (from 1400 until 1403).
  • He also took knowledge from Shaykh ‘Abdullah ibn Muhammad ibn ‘Abdullah al-Husayn. He primarily studied Fiqh with him.
  • He also studied with the Zahid, the Shaykh Muhammad Sulayman al-‘Aleet. He studied several books with him concerning az-Zuhd, like Kitab az-Zuhd by Imam Waki’ and Al-Wara’ by Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal, may Allah have mercy upon them all.

He further studied with numerous shuyukh while studying at the Faculty of Usul ad-Deen.

His Teachings

Shaykh ‘Ali Al-Khudayr has lectures and teaches Islamic sciences, he gave lessons in Tawheed, ‘Aqeedah and Fiqh, and his first Islamic lessons in the Masajid was in the year 1405 AH, teaching Fiqh and Mustalah al-Hadith, and (in the early days), the number of students didn't exceed 5, but that amount grew rapidly until the Shaykh became very well known for his knowledge in the al-Qaseem area. Most of his lessons started after Salat al-Fajr and after Salat al-‘Isha'.

And many students of knowledge from within and outside (the country) studied under him, many graduated as judges, doctors, teachers, preachers and students of knowledge, and perhaps a convenient time will come to mention their names Insha'Allah.

His Publications and Books

Most of his publications are essays that are present amongst his students and other than them in Tawheed and Fiqh, and from his published books are the following, Kitab al-Haqa'iq Fi-Tawhid, Kitab al-Jam' wal-Tajrid Fi Sharh Kitab al-Tawhid, Kitab al-Tawdih wal-Tamammat 'Ala Kashf al-Shubuhat, Kitab al-Mahki Fihi al-Ijma' Min al-Ahkam al-Fiqhiyyah, and many others.

We ask Allah (عز وجل) to grant him success, preserve him, bless him, forgive him, his parents and family, and to preserve and grant success to his Shuyukh who are alive, and to forgive and have mercy upon his Shuyukh who have passed away, and to grant victory to Islam and the Muslims, and to bring glory to Jihad and the Mujahideen, and humiliate the enemies of this religion when they're in need.

And peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, and upon all of his family and companions.

~ Written by one of his students.