Notes on the Elucidation of the Nullifiers of Islam (2nd Edition)


This is the second edition of the English translation of the elucidation of Shaykh ‘Ali al-Khudayr on Nawaqid al-Islam by Shaykh al-Mujaddid Muhammad ibn ‘Abdil-Wahhab. 

The publisher's note details some of the ammendments made:

Some errors in translation from the first edition have been amended. A short ‘about’ of the shaykh and some extra footnotes have been added, as well. In the ‘about’ it makes mention that a lot of the writings of the shaykh (may Allah protect him) are not published works of his but notes and drafts taken and spread amongst students of knowledge. And that is the case here. As such, there are some mistakes sprinkled throughout. We have tried to correct it to what the shaykh (may Allah bless him) likely intended. And Allah knows best.

The references are, for the most part, from the text of the original Arabic and simply placed as footnotes herein. Additional footnotes will be marked by ‘ed.’. In the following pages there is both the Arabic and English text of Nawaqid al-Islam, with the Arabic text containing its tashkil (vowel marks) to ease proper reading and memorization for those who want to. You should, akhil-karim , familiarize yourself with it before going forward, because the shaykh (may Allah protect him) comments upon it as if one has it memorized or in front of him.

  • Author:    Ali al-Khudayr
  • Publisher:    None
  • Language:    English
  • Pages:    53
  • Category:    Aqeedah
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