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With the grace of Allah, the Most Exalted, Dar as-Sunnah Publishers was established in 1998 as a committed producer of high quality works focused on primarily translating classical texts from Islamic history. Some works of contemporary scholars have also been published, and their over-arching principle is to carry the message of the Quran and the tradition of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing of Allah be upon him).

Some of Dar as-Sunnah published works are centuries old key Islamic texts, with the aim of reconnecting English-speaking Muslims to their noble intellectual heritage – and thus enhancing their social, spiritual and educational needs. It also offers an opportunity for the publishing house to contribute to the much-needed discourse on various Islamic sciences and disciplines in the modern world. It is hoped that the discerning reader will continue to benefit from Dar as-Sunnah’s valuable publications that are in print, and the many exciting new titles that are forthcoming in 2015 insha’Allah.

Address: Dar as-Sunnah Publishers P.O. Box 9818 Birmingham, B11 4WA United Kingdom

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