I Was Sent With the Sword


For the first time in the English language, Distance of Month’s Journey Publications are proud to present a translation of ibn Rajab al-Hanbali’s classic explanation of the Prophet’s hadith - may peace be upon him - recorded by Ahmad and at-Tirmidhi:

“I was sent with the sword before the Hour, until Allah alone is worshiped with no associates. My sustenance has been placed beneath the shade of my spear. Whoever opposes me is humiliated and disgraced, and whoever resembles a people is from them.”

The author, already well-known to the English readers for works such as ‘Alleviating Grievances in Describing the Condition of the Strangers’, 'The Journey to Allah’, and 'The Key to Paradise’, has written another golden treatise on a subject none should be ignorant of, however sadly many are, especially the English speaking Muslims population.

He describes the Prophet’s mission - may peace be upon him, how Allah sustained him through his blessed struggle, and the consequence of opposing the Messenger…

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