The Hereafter

By Anwar al-Awlaki (22)

Hereafter CD 01 | Introduction - Death

Hereafter CD 02 | Death (cont.)

Hereafter CD 03 | Journey of the Soul

Hereafter CD 04 | The Minor Signs 1-7

Hereafter CD 05 | The Minor Signs 8-18

Hereafter CD 06 | The Minor Signs 19-38

Hereafter CD 07 | The Minor Signs 39-52

Hereafter CD 08 | The Major Signs - Ad-Dajjal

Hereafter CD 09 | The Major Signs - Ad-Dajjal (Cont.) & Isa

Hereafter CD 10 | The Major Signs 3-10

Hereafter CD 11 | The Day of Resurrection

Hereafter CD 12 | The Kuffar on the Day of Resurrection

Hereafter CD 13 | The Punishment of the Sinners

Hereafter CD 14 | The Righteous on the Day of Judgement

Hereafter CD 15 | The Names and Rules of the Hereafter

Hereafter CD 16 | The Accountability

Hereafter CD 17 | The Hellfire and its Life

Hereafter CD 18 | Some Actions that Lead to Hellfire

Hereafter CD 19 | The Ratio of People in Hellfire Compared to Paradise

Hereafter CD 20 | A Tour of Paradise

Hereafter CD 21 | Socialisation in Paradise

Hereafter CD 22 | The People of Paradise


In the first part of this series (Tracks 1 to 10), the Imam vividly portrays the different phases the human soul passes through during its lifetime up to its death. In breathtaking style the listener hears of the events that occur just before death and the events that come after it. The Imam gives a clear description about life in the grave, the horrors of the last day, the major and minor signs leading to the last hour and the day of resurrection. The Imam crowns this eloquently narrated lecture with the process of accountability and recompense. On the Day of Judgment those who pass the test will be rewarded with Paradise and those who fail will be rewarded with Hellfire.

In the second part of this series (Tracks 11 to 22), the Imam vividly portrays the state of human beings on the Day of Judgment, from the resurrection and the dismantling of the universe through the process of individual judgment and the settling of accounts to the resulting eternal life in Paradise or the Hellfire. Follow this description of the righteous on the Day of Judgment, those who will be provided shade and learn about who are known to be among them. Listen to the description of the life of the Hellfire and the kinds of actions that lead to that consequence. The Imam crowns this eloquent narration with his description of the people and spiritual comfort and contentment of Paradise, describing the journey through the Gates of Paradise within the realm of those who have attained the highest honors and Mercy of Allah!