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All praise belongs to Allah, Rabb of the entire universe. Peace and salutations be upon the final Nabi, his wives, family and Sahabah. It is a great favour of Allah upon us for blessing us with iman and creating us from the ummah of Nabi salla Llahu `alayhi wa sallam. 

"All praise is for Allah, Who has guided us to this. We would never have been rightly guided had Allah not guided us." 

The doctrinal history of Islam has not been without challenges. Attempts to part with orthodoxy and institutionalize innovation arose in the earliest period and continue in various forms up the present day.

The rise and spread of heterodoxy found fertile grounds in the vacuums of ignorance to which some societies occasionally tend to fall prey. Given such circumstances, the distortion of history and creed, combined with the fabrication of alternative narratives and meta-narratives, went a long way to entrench deviation. 

While many heterodoxies withered and disappeared with the passage of time, some managed to cling to existence and reinvigorate themselves whenever opportunity presented itself. In response thereto arose a scholarly tradition dedicated to the defence and vindication of truth. This website represents a continuation of that tradition.

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