Al-Hidaayah Publishing


Established in 1993 as a private business enterprise in the UK, Al-Hidaayah has established itself as a market leader in providing essential services to the Muslim community, and disseminating Islamic books online throughout the English speaking world.

Over the years, Al-Hidaayah has published over 60 Islamic books online into English. The vast majority of these are first ever translations of important Arabic texts. These publications bring that real scholarship of people who devoted their entire lives to the study of Islam to the English readership. We have also published a number of children's books, posters, flashcards and calendars.

Al-Hidaayah also take pride in their travel company, Al-Hidaayah Travel Ltd, offering high quality Hajj and Umrah packages for UK muslims.

Al-Hidaayah is an established and respected name in supplying Islamic books to the online community.

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