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In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most merciful

All praise is due to Allah and May blessings and peace be on his beloved Rasul Muhammad (SAW). His Family, His companions and all those who follow him.

“Ask the people of the reminder if you do not know”(Al Qur’an 16:43)

Turath Publishing is dedicated to publishing authentic material on the Ahlus Sunnah Wa’al Jammah and in particular the Hanafi Fiqh. Our aim is to show that all the four school’s of thought are derived from the Sunnah and they are part and parcel of the deen, and in turn the Muslims can concentrate on more important issues that concern the Ummah.

At Turath Publishing we are committed to delivering works of Islamic Jurisprudence and its traditional sources to English speakers. By this we intend insh’Allah to promote a deep understanding of the balance, depth and integrity of traditional Islamic Scholarship.

Our vast intellectual heritage is a well from which we may draw life-giving inspiration and solutions to many of the contemporary problems we face as Muslims. To disparage and cast aspersions on the madhhabs is to disparage and cast aspersions on those great men who expended their lives in making the Prophetic path distinctly clear from error. In their times, living functioning Islamic polity, examples and norms existed in their totality. These men were immersed in these living realities. They understood the Din of Islam existentially and combined this with the sources to which they had, and we now have, access.

Their judgements and comments are lights which aid us in illuminating the ocean that is the Sunnah in an age in which the immersion in a living Islamic situation (that they took for granted) does not even exist in thimblefuls. May Allah cause us to draw from their experience by the bucketful, granting us the benefit of the the ingredient that we so lack in this age and is the cause of so much misunderstanding, deviation and argument.


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