Verily, the Victory of Allah is Near


This small treatise from the noble Shaykh, Imam Sulayman Ibn Nasir al-Alwan, may Allah free him, is both topical and relevant, concerning the current state of affairs which the Islamic nation is now facing. And due to this fact, we found it beneficial for the many English speaking Muslims to read and perhaps learn and grasp its meanings. We have added several additional footnotes (with Trans. Note) in order to aid the translation, clarify certain points and lastly, to add additional evidences in order to make the issues that are raised, less ambiguous. We have also added an appendix to the text of the book with a short biographical account of the Shaykh and his background, in order to introduce the author to the English reader. We have summarized this from a larger treatise, which will be referenced in that section, Insha'Allah. And we ask Allah to accept this small effort from us and help it to benefit the young men and women of the Islamic nation and be a source of inspiration for them upon the truth.

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