On Remembering Death


Abdullah Ali's faithful transaltion of a section concerning the meditation of death from Ibn Rajab's famous work on yearly devotions is much needed in our culture of forgetfulness.

He has chosen a work of immense value to introduce speakers of English. The Prophet () said, 'Make much mention of the Destroyer of Delights' - meaning death. This is not morbid reflection but rather one that reminds us that the gift of life is fragile and fleeting, and its foremost purpose is as a preparation for the Hereafter.

All things end including this world, but what is coming never ends. In remembering death as a daily practice, one is reminded to use each and every day successfully as a preparation for eterneity. This wonderful work is an excellent place to start.

  • Author:    Ibn Rajab
  • Publisher:    None
  • Language:    English
  • Pages:    58
  • Category:    Tazkiyyah
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