The Three Fundamental Principles


Before you is a complete translation of the great classical treatise 'Thalaathat-ul-Usul' [The Three Fundamental Principles] of Imam Muhammad bin ‘Abdil-Wahhab. The source used for this translation was a booklet with the title 'The Creed of the Saved Sect' printed by Maktab-ul-Islamee in 1993 [5th Edition] with checking by Zuhair Shawaish.

This treatise needs no introduction, as it is one of the Islamic works that is most studied and taught throughout the world. In fact, many of the scholars recommend the students of knowledge to begin their path of learning by studying and mastering this booklet. The reason for this is because it was written by the author in a simple manner and comprising of the basic fundamentals of this Religion in brief. The material contained in the treatise was designed to be easily memorized and understood.

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