Islam: The Perfectly Complete Religion


A transcription of a lecture given by the honourable Shaykh in the masjid of al-Mustafa () upon the request of the king of Morocco. The honourable Shaykh delves into ten matters not fearing the blame of the blamers:

  1. At-Tawheed.
  2. Admonition and Preaching.
  3. The Differentiation Between Righteous Deeds and Unrighteous Deeds.
  4. Ruling with Other than the Shari'ah.
  5. The Social Conditions of Soceity.
  6. The Economy.
  7. Politics.
  8. The Problem of the Kuffar's Domination Over the Muslims.
  9. The Problem of the Muslims Weakness and Inability to Empower and Battle the Kuffar in Quantity and Preparation.
  10. The Problem of the Differing and Disagreement of the Hearts Within Society.
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